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Alexios Zavras
Gabriel Ku Wei Bin
How to join
This is a closed group. If you would like to join our group of volunteers to assist with the Legal and Licensing Workshop, please write a short email to the coordinator.
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The LLW jury is the group that evaluates the submitted topics for the sessions of the LLW.


About us

The Jury is the group that assists in the planning of the FSFE’s annual Free Software Legal and Licensing Workshop (the LLW), held every year to allow legal experts to discuss issues and best practices related to Free Software licences. The LLW has become known to its participants as the world’s foremost gathering of lawyers, technologists, and thought leaders on Free Software legal and licensing topics.

Participation in the Free Software Legal and Licensing Workshop provides legal professionals not only the opportunity to share knowledge and updates on the topics they are working on, but also a chance to meet and get acquainted with each other. These two aspects, combined, foster better licence compliance by spreading best practices.

The Jury’s main role is to assist in setting the agenda of the LLW. To this end, the Jury works closely with the LLW Programme Committee, a smaller working group that selects and organizes the accepted talks for the LLW Agenda.

The Jury consists of a maximum of 15 members. Membership is open to current and past members of the Legal Network's Council, as well as members of the FSFE's license questions team.

How the Jury Assists to Set the LLW Agenda

How Submissions are Reviewed

The Jury aims to work with as much transparency as possible with the Legal Network, in order to ensure a smooth Call for Papers process, and to provide fair, knowledgeable, and efficient evaluation of the submitted topics for appropriate inclusion in the LLW Agenda.

To this end:


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