Max Mehl (max.mehl)
Björn Schießle (schiessle)
How to join
This is a closed group, but get in touch with the coordinator to learn more
Mailing lists
No mailing list available yet
This team takes care of FSFE's community Git platform (


We are currently in the phase of announcing the platform to FSFE's supporters.

About us

What we do

  1. We maintain the Community Git platform and try to implement it in FSFE's and its community's day-to-day routines.

  2. We extend its functionalities where needed to make it a useful tool for other teams.
  3. We help people to use the platform.

Why and how to join us!

Because you want to help other people hosting their code with us! There're too many other platforms that are either non-free, open-core, or privacy-unfriendly. Our goal is to offer a service that is useful and available to all friends of FSFE which is seamlessly integrated in FSFE's other services.

If you want to join us, please write an email to the coordinator. As soon as the team grows, we will think about a better and more transparent way how to join us.

Technical Background

The service is based on Gitea, a community-driven fork of Gogs. It is lightweight, fully Free Software, and offers almost all features other popular, much heavier services do.

FSFE supporters can simply log in with their FSFE account credentials through LDAP.


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