General Assembly (GA)


Matthias Kirschner (mk)
Heiki Lõhmus (repentinus)
How to join
This group is limited to members of the FSFE e.V. association. Membership is open to application (see below).
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The General Assembly consists of the members of the FSFE e.V., FSFE's legal body. It is responsible for strategic planning, budgeting, agenda-setting, exonerating, and the electing and recalling of the Executive Council and the Financial Officer.

What we do

The members of the FSFE e.V. (see here for a full list) is the organisation's highest organ and take decisions about (primarily) budgets and the election of the President, Vice President and Financial Officer (see our constitution). Decisions of special importance to the organisation can sometimes be taken by the members as well. The group meets once a year in a different place in Europe where there are members for a strategic weekend in which the long term strategy for Free Software is discussed, and where the formal annual assembly is held. The minutes of the general assembly meetings are public.

Why and how to join us!

Application is open to any natural person by application to the President (the coordinator of this group). It helps if you know one or two more people who are already members, and most people who have joined as a member over the years have done so by invitation of other members. Here is how we describe who should be a member:

A member is someone who is strongly committed to Free Software and feels strongly connected with FSFE. (S)he has the long term goal to empower people to control technology, and can prove this with past activities. The person wants to take responsibilities over many years to come to make sure FSFE's work will benefit Free Software and participate in the long term strategic decision making. If someone applies we prefer the person met other members before, so we can better assess the persons motives.

If you think this applies to you, you're welcome with your application. There is no particular application form to fill in, but you write your application as you wish, including as much information as you think is relevant, and send this to the President.

Membership fees

All members pay an annual membership fee to the organisation. This is in addition to any donation they make as part of their supporter contribution. Currently, the membership fee is either 60 Euro per year or 12 hours of (documented) volunteer work for the organisation. Members who are employed by the organisation can not opt to do volunteer work but must pay the membership fee of 60 Euro per year.


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