Interview Release Form

In order to make proper use of, and to clarify the permissions related to, the interviews we record, we ask participants to consent to the following terms, which includes some options for how to manage the interview data during and after the project. You will be asked about this in the beginning of a recorded interview, but you should ideally have communicated your preference beforehand. Once the interview has been transcribed, we'll also provide you with a copy of the transcription, so you have the option of adding details or clarifying points as you see relevant.



It would be extremely helpful if the FSFE can keep a copy of the interview and transcript after the project, for our own documentation and for preserving a part of the oral history of the FSFE and free software movement. As an exception to the above agreement, you can give explicit instructions for what is to happen with the interview data after the project. These are the standard options, but please feel free to make other suggestions if you feel it's relevant!

  1. I agree that the audio interview and transcription is made available publicly and licensed under the CC BY-ND 4.0 license.
  2. I agree the FSFE e.V. can retain a copy of the interview data for their own archive where it can be viewed and made available to FSFE staff and executive councils in the future.

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