Questions template

At the start of every interview:

Questions to understand the demographics

  1. What is your name?
  2. Where are you based geographically?
  3. How would you describe your relation to the FSFE?
  4. What made you first contribute to Free and Open Source Software and for how long have you been contributing?
  5. When was the first time you heard about FSFE?

Questions to understand identity perception

  1. If you were to describe the FSFE to someone who doesn't know the organisation, how would you describe it?
  2. When you hear the name "FSFE" what's the first thing that pops up in your mind?
  3. The FSFE is not alone in the ecosystem it serves; we have many organisations around us. Which organizations do you think is closest to the FSFE, and how is the FSFE still different from them?

Questions to understand key points

  1. How would you describe the difference, if you see any, between free software and open source?
  2. The FSFE is currently engaged in a campaign to encourage public administrations to release software funded by taxpayer's money as free and open source software. Let's imagine interest from an African administration to do just this. Do you believe the FSFE should support them in this work, and if so, what role would the FSFE have in supporting this?
  3. Would the same, or a different, level of support apply to an administration in Europe?
  4. [IF NOT THE SAME]: Since you'd give different support, depending on the geographic location, can you elaborate on why you believe there should be a difference? Would your answer change if the FSFE had unlimited resources?
  5. We like to think of the FSFE as a community organisation. But in your mind, what are the borders of the free and open source software community: who's inside, and who's outside?
  6. Reflecting on this, where would you place a large multi-national corporation who's using and distributing free and open source software, but also working with proprietary software?
  7. A software developer working at the same corporation, who's part of their free and open source software group, would he or she be in or out of the community?
  8. One of the criticisms around the FSFE has been that the organisation needs to be more inclusive. What would an inclusive organisation look like to you? What is it about an organisation which would make it inclusive?
  9. When Richard Stallman started the GNU project, he had a vision and drive which was not shared by the majority. He had to ignore the majority to focus on what he felt was right. When do you think it's possible to ignore the will of the majority, to focus on what's right, and how can one make such a determination?

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