Coordinator's Team Budget


  • The coordinators team, consisting of the coordinators of all FSFE local groups, is hereby given authority to decide on expenses for local activities up to a total amount as given in the FSFE's yearly budget. No expenses may be granted which are alien to the purpose of the FSFE and in all cases shall expenses be pursuant to FSFE's constitution. The team is to decide for themselves how decisions are to be made (consensus, vote, etc) and the team coordinator will approve expense requests in line with the decisions taken by the team. Furthermore, the team is to, yearly, decide on and propose a budget for local activities in the next fiscal year. Decisions taken under this delegation should be documented publicly on the team's wiki page. Decisions may be appealed to the Executive Director, but a decision which is favorable to an individual or group (such as the decision to grant an expense) may not be reversed by less than a decision of the executive council. For the first fiscal year of 2017, the team shall have a budget of €2,000.



2,000 EUR


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