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The 3D Printing Network (3DPN) is a neutral, non-partisan, public network of 3D printing professionals facilitated by FSFE. 3DPN is an Free Software driven network, which enables co-operation among multiple companies and a volunteer community. One goal is to develop future 3D printing related solutions such as a 3D Printing management platform. 3DPN aims to engage all existing 3D printer manufacturers and software developers in the project, both Free Software and non-free software developers, and gather the broad 3D printing Free Software community under one brand.

The network will reside within the Free Software Foundation Europe and will be governed by a Technical Steering Group. The Technical Steering Group is the primary decision-making body for the Free Software project, with a focus on platform development and delivery, along with the formation of working groups to support different 3D manufacturing devices and software.


The 3D Printing Network has been formed to guide the industry role of 3D printing, including gathering of requirements, identification and facilitation of service models, and overall industry marketing and education. The platform will provide a robust and flexible environment to utilize 3D printing in variable environments and to fit different needs such as product development and prototyping, unique model manufacturing, and other industries. The platform integrates several different 3D printers from various vendors.

Join the network

Persons wishing to join the The 3D Printing Network are encouraged to subscribe to the network mailing list and participate in local network meet-ups and other activities. Company participation is also welcome and further discussion regarding membership should be done with the coordinator.


Jarkko Moilanen

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