Reinhard Mutz

My special interests in the world of free software are digital certificates (for free !) and cryptographic tools which help to secure my and probably your personal identity.

I live in Leipzig/Saxonia and participate in our monthly meeting on the last Tuesday at about 18:00 UTC. We always meet at Lutherburg, Wittenberger Str. 26, 04129 Leipzig.

You can read about our activities on

I am an active supporter of Chemnitzer Linuxtage and Datenspuren Dresden.

Perhaps we meet during FOSDEM 2017 in Brussels? Do you attend my talk?

I give an overview of some internals of our Trusted Service Provider.

I am a cofounder of World Privacy and Identity Association WPIA.

Email: <ReinhardM AT SPAMFREE fsfe DOT org> Please get my public key here.


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