In Italy exists a famous card game called briscola: I like it very mutch, but is many time that I don't play it. Because of I searched for a computer game that emulates it and I didn't found nothing that satisfy me, i decided to make it from myself. Right now was passed about 8 years from that day; the original game was written in Visal Basic and i lost it's source very time a go; so i decided to write it again in C+ using the graphic libraries wxWidgets. This new game have only some features of the old, but i want to clone it completely and add some new features, such as multiplayer.


Right now the version is the 0,2 and was released on 06/11/2010


The goal is having a complete briscola card game between two players.

It should have:

What is done

Download link

Translation UI is unavailable right now

The UI Language is italian with some part (depending on graphic libraries) in english

Download page(italian)

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Project homepage (italian) Screenshot of the game (italian)

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