I've realized a scenario: I'm making a research or project for school, college, university or work on my windows machine in my house. I invite a colleague at my home for enjoy ourselves. When I'm far of pc, it put it's flash disk in my usb port and copy my work for edit himself.

It's a concrente scenario that can realize, so I decide to create a program that block windows' usb disk releavement.

On my xp machine, if there are no usb disk/flash connected the block of the driver works good; if, instead, those are connected, the block of driver requires a restart for unloading it from memory. The unblock of driver works good.

On my vista machine, instead, if the driver is not blocked at startup, for block it a restart is required; instead if the driver is blocked at startup it works extaclty as an xp machine.

The program is written in c# 2,0 using Visual studio 2008, but a goal is making the program multiplatform, changing the language if necessary.


Current version is 2,0, released on 12/07/09


The goal is having a system for disabling the recognition of usb disk and flash disk. It should be work under windows, linux and mac; it's preferible having it work without restart. It should be multiplatform

What is done

Right now it works only under windows, and in many cases the restart of machine is needed. The language of UI is only italian. It ask if disable the usb disk and flashdisk recognition or if mounting it as read only.

Download Page

Translation UI is unavailable right now'

The UI Language is italian.

Download Page (Italian)

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Project Home page (Italian) Screenshots of the program (Italian)

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