The goal of the project is making a program that allows to configure the User Account Control of windows vista.

Many people consider it a bad thing, but it's not different from sudo, kdesudo or gksu in linux.

Microsoft attempts to tell us that an administrative account for going on internet is a bad thing, and has tried to recover the solution making a functionality that ask each time a program requires elevated priviledge.

It is annoing, but the attempt is good.

On windows vista the prompts of UAC can be soppressed even if the uac is active, or can be configured to request the password of the account for making it more secure.

My program allows to configure it.

Because of the UAC exists only in windows vista, the program is written in c# 2,0 using Visual Studio 2008 and the portability is not a goal of this project.


Right now the version is 1,0 and was released on 11/04/09


The goal is having a panel for change settings of windows vista UAC. It should be multilanguage and should be written as Control Panel Applet

What is done

Right now it is written as simple application. The UI language is only italian and the visual interface should be more clear.


Translation UI is unavailable right now

The UI Language is italian

Download Page (italian)

External links

Project page (italian) Screenshots of the program (italian)

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