I've a tuner card USB for seeing TV on my pcs. The driver make only the digital signal works, even if the stick is hybrid. I've read many how-tos telling how install the driver, but they does not explan that there are two types of software: the first ones does scan the frequences, the second ones want a file with frequences. The how-tos tell that the file with frequences must be downloaded, even if some files are included in the dvb-utils packages, but obsioulvy not all frequences of places are online. The official package for DVB does not have a scanner of frequences, but has a less complicated program that need of an intial file. I've found a scanner for making the initial file called w_scan.

Using w_scan

w_scan is a complex program that scans a digital receiver (it allows to choose one from many receivers). It can be programmed for searching only radios or only video channels, only the free channels or even the cnrypted ones. By default it opens the first receiver connected and scann for both all channels and all radios. It accept an "x" option for paginate the output in the format that scan of the official package. By default the output of the -x option is written on standard output, so it must be redirected on file.


w_scan -x >> frequences.conf

Using scan

Once having the frequences.conf file, it muts be paginated for being written from the official dvb-tools package. It can be done using the scan command. By default the command write the output on standard output, so it must be redirected on a file.


scan ./frequences.conf > dvb-channels.conf

What can be done with dvb-channels.conf file

Depending on the viewer, the dbv-channels.conf file must be placed in a particular folder, even with another name. For example, for using the gestreamer framework for watch tv, it must be posted with same name in ~/.gstreamer-0.10 directory. Some viewers has an interface that ask for the file and put it in the right directory.


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