The presenter hardware has false requirerments

There are some instrument build appositly for presentation of merchandise. You are talking about your new merchandise far from your computer that is reproducing powerpoint's (or similar) presentation: you can go to next slide simply pressing a key; you can indicate a picture using the laser; you can know when the time of your presentation is finished using the timer; you can even move mouse pointer using the keys. Useful, isn't it? Two examples of that tecnology:

  1. Logitech Cordless Presenter

  2. Microsoft Presenter

The requirments for those hardware are:

  1. Microsoft Windows XP or superior
  2. Usb port
  3. Best with powerpoint

But how it really works?

On a linux kernel is simply to know: let tail show us kernel log in real time (Image).

Does it really works only under windows xp?

Does it really work best only with powerpoint?

It's only an unconventional usb keyboard and mouse. It works with all systems that incorporate driver for usb mouse and keyboard! It works with all applications that uses pagup and pagdown keys!


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