Rough application draft nidi @ FSFE fellowship representative 2015
(unfinished; these are just ideas, my agenda points aren't fix; what is really
a priority is up to discussion with the community)

... FSFE does great things! Many of the things mentioned below are already
tackled in a good way. These are just my personal focus.

... Community management

    - focus on fellowship community. Honestly I don't know too many fellows,
      but they're basically connected through common ideas, so I try to
      represent those ideas and talk back to the fellowship community to make
      sure it's in their interest.

    - open discourse with other friendly communities

        ... try to increase collaboration / mediate conflicts between projects
/ distros
        ... be in touch with other relevant organisations (Digitalcourage, EFF,
FiFF, OSM, ...)

    - internationalise. We should really focus on establishing strong
connections through all of Europe and beyond. Sorry for being german...

        ... tackle language barriers. LIQD will be working on cool stuff in
that area in the upcoming months, we may want to make use of these efforts.

... Campaigning

    - Make us as loud as necessary. I learned a lot when I worked for Campact.
      We should also collaborate with the Campact community - they have a huge
newsletter, the right opinions towards Free Software; furthermore a European
community is currently in the making!

    - Make it very clear that moving back to windows is not an option for
Munich! Broadly lobby for Free Software!

    - Participate, push crypto / free software awareness... Make use of Snowden
/ Poitras / Greenwald aftermath!

    - Participate in TTIP, CETA, TISA protests! We will not accept such

... Deal with pressing topics where we're considered to be experts, e.g. legal

  - APIs & free software
  - The case for an ALGPL (relevant for some businesses)
  - What is the communities' input concerning licensing? What is really
required? What do we think of the upcoming EUPL 2 ...
  - Software patents

... Simple survey for all sorts of developments:

    - Are you creating Free Software?
    - If not, what are the hurdles?

... Free Software marketing

    - polish the sometimes as dusted perceived public FSF(E) image. We're not
only RMS (though he laid out the very essential groundwork), but a huge,
heterogenous community nowadays!

    - wouldn't be too ideological about the "Free Software" vs "Open Source"
wording. If the discussion comes up, link to the excellent Morozov article
(The Meme Hustler). People will learn more than being annoyed by "the old
cruft". Talk about Freedom, sure, but don't be overly evangelical.

    - acknowledge that some still use closed source software and don't mark
those users as evil. Understand why and provide migration paths. If there's no
good free alternatives, help organizing the development of alternatives (see

    - in the end, all mentioned topics shall also help awareness of the
existence of the FSFE and motivate funding.

... Concrete software projects

    - help to create coordinated free software development (I have a very
concrete project idea which I'd love to contribute: "deal-breakers"). Make use
of crowdfunding if appropriate.

... Be useful

    - public: prominently link to good guides (prism-break like lists, crypto
basics, e-mail-netiquette, how to maintain a clean email inbox without gmail,
what to do if I lost my pgp key?).

    - public: do very simply accessible guides ("I don't want to read a
lot about it, just tell me what to do")

    - internal: have a look at the fellowship infrastructure (email, xmpp,
cryptocards, ...): what needs to be communicated better? what needs to be
improved / what is missing?

How do I plan to tackle these issues?

... develop rough plans; look at what is already there
... prefer to push existing efforts and cooperate rather than creating new
things. Contribute upstream!
... if necessary create new self-sustaining project teams; give teams great
tools to organize; propose participatory democracy in teams
... involve the community.
... if not enough people help doing something, it can't be done ... or must
be reevaluated.

About me:

... member of FSFE since 2007 (IIRC) when I first heard of it. Convinced of
Free Software since I first heard of it at Jukss (youth environmental congress)
in 1999.

... heavily involved with and employed by Liquid Democracy e.V. (LIQD), board
member of the Partou cooperative, FoLD (research network Liquid Democracy) -
organizations which try to bring the spirit of Free Software to politics.

    ... want to use what we learned and created at LIQD (great things will come
up in 2015 - currently developing Adhocracy 3 from scratch with a rather large
development team ... AGPL of course)

... I also know the business side: Involved in the private railway undertaking
Locomore. Also interested using as much Free Software as possible here!

... formalised private interests: member of FSFE, Digitalcourage, CCC, LIQD,
ADFC (bicycle club). Not a member of a political party.

... will do my diploma in Computer Science at TU Berlin until mid 2016.

... father of a two year old child

... will I find the time? The topic is so very important to me, so yes - I will
find the time needed. I will delegate as much tasks as possible, if others can
do them to a decent standard or (ideally) even better.

... drawback: Not much involved in the FSFE / fellowship community yet. I do
know a couple of friendly folks, usually read the e-mails and have been to some

... if I will not get elected, then this doesn't matter much to my agenda; but
I'd have to try to find another way to push the mentioned topics. A formal
position makes things easier at times ...

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