Julia Klein

Originally I come from the very Western border of Germany. I graduated in Linguistics, Philosophy and German at University of Mannheim and specialized in communication and social implications of language variation. Currently I am working on my PhD thesis in this area.

Some years ago I migrated to GNU/Linux and became aware of Free Software. So I decided to get involved and support this concept by informing other people about it. My major fields of interest deal with the political, social and ethical responsibilities technology implicates and especially the legal concepts concerning Free Software issues. In our surrounding societies technological and personal freedom needs to be institutionalized by legal concepts. These laws and regulations need to be sophisticated, equitable and critically considered.

To help in this process I joined FSFE in 2008. I started booth volunteering staffing booths on CeBIT, FrOSCon and OpenRheinRuhr. In doing so I like to bring the concept of Free Software to people in and outside ITC and I try to show them what the fellowship is all about. Since November 2009 I am a member of the German Team of FSFE as well.

On the one hand I like to help making FSFE's structure and projects more transparent to fellows. So they can make use of their say in the General Assembley more easily. On the other hand I like to bring more ideas and critical thoughts by fellows into the GA.

If you like to meet me in person, your chances are pretty good at trade fairs and conferences around Frankfurt, Colone and Ruhr Area - and at this weekend's FOSDEM. You can also reach me via:


If you like to know what I am currently doing you can also take a look at my blog.


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