I'm a Unix and GNU/Linux based DevOps Engineer (with DNS,Web and Mail Server dealings) who works well in a team but, if the situation demands it, can hold my own in solo projects.

Having worked on QA, Production and Mission Critical environment, I'm very flexible. I also like scripting (Bash, Python, Perl, Groovy) on Linux based as well as Windows based infrastructure to achieve a better integration into information systems.

Had my battles with Mysql and Oracle, as well as with some skirmishes with SQL Server. I don't dislike a little tuning when the situation arises.

Believer of the OpenSource methodology, I work just as well with proprietary one, selecting the best piece of software/hardware for the task at hand.

What I don't lack is the curiosity to learn and to better myself and the place where I work.

Open to learn from the people around me as well as share my knowledge.

All that with the goal to reach the target in a fast, cost-effective, precise and complete manner.

Virtualization (VMware and Xen with some gigs with KVM) is also something I like very much alongside Infosec, another passion of mine.

You can email me at

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