Florian Snow

General Information

I live in Nürnberg, work as a programmer, and I claim to be part of the last generation who did not grow up with computers. That is not quite true, though. We had a Commodore 64 when I was a kid, but I mostly used it for playing games. Around 1995, we got the first PC and I experimented with Windows 95 on it. Around 1997, we went online with our first modem and very quickly, I believed I was in serious danger of developing an online addiction. That never happened and a couple of years ago, I "completed reading the internet"™ (that means I get bored quickly after I am done checking my regular news sources). I support world domination by the Franconian hacker drink empire.

I have a background in a variety of different fields due to changing interests. I have a teaching degree, but I am not a teacher. I mentor interns and apprentices, my linguistic studies help me with high-quality editing and translation, and I enjoy design so I also gained some experience in that area.

My Free Software story

I have been involved in Free Software since about 1999 (Suse 6.2 1999-08-12, Suse 6.3 1999-11-25, Suse 6.4 2000-03-09). Back then, I still thought there was a Free operating system called Linux, I believed the Mac was generally the same as "Linux", and a little bit later, I thought Open Source was a cool idea. Since then, I have learned a lot, found out about differences and shared interests between Free Software and Open Source, I now know about the GNU operating system with Linux as its kernel, and I have become more and more involved in the community. Here is a timeline of the most significant events in my Free Software story:

Contact me


<WHATEVER MDD floriansnow AT SPAMFREE fsfe DOT org>


floriansnow AT jabber DOT fsfe DOT org


Please send me encrypted e-mails whenever possible. To do so, you can import my GnuPG key from a keyserver, but please make sure to verify the fingerprint before using the key.


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