Dominic "dmaphy" Hopf

Dominic and Free Software

In General

I'm using lots of Free Software. For me, it's not just using or working with Free Software, it is a kind of lifestyle. I really feel like I'm living another way of life since I'm using Fedora since the beginning of 2004. I was working for a german company which supports free software, in special the free groupware Tine 2.0.

What I'm doing for Free Software: I let people know when I love their programs. That's important. I also test new software pieces and development snapshots to report issues then. I'm contributing to different projects as translator, tester and bug hunter and similar. Here are some examples:


I'm a very satisfied user of the fast and lightweight IDE Geany. I'm contributing to this project as a translator (from English to German) and tester. There is also a project called Geany Plugins having trackers and a Git repository separate from Geany at GitHub. I maintain the website of Geany-Plugins and am also contributing to the Geany Plugins project as translator and tester and I sometimes I also maintain some Geany plugins themselves.


I'm contributing to the Fedora Project as Fedora Ambassador and Fedora Packager. You can find out more about my work at Fedora on my Fedora Wiki Page.


I'm a proud user of the Unix/Linux desktop environment Xfce and support the guys at events with booth service and so on.


The OpenRheinRuhr is a free software event in the rhine-ruhr region of Germany. I'm member of the OpenRheinRuhr e.V. and support the guys where I can.


General Contact Information


<dmaphy AT SPAMFREE fsfe DOT org>


dmaphy AT SPAMFREE jabber DOT fsfe DOT org


dmaphy @; #fsfe, #fedora, #fedora-de


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