Jan "Dijit" Harasym

Jan and FOSS

I have always been a supporter of freedom, having not known about GNU/linux before 2007 I was always infuriated by what I couldn't do with Windows, especially in regards to Servers and self education was impossible, after installing an early version of Ubuntu Linux I had been put off by the learning curve, however, since then I can see that it was surely for the best.

Now I can safely say GNU/Linux is my only OS love.

Work Life

I am a linux systems administrator, recently departed from Nokia/MeeGO. I am currently looking for work, but using this free time to spool about and find a community I can belong to. I am also looking into becoming a tried and true programmer, usually my programs are small and do basic arithmetic, maybe I could do something practical with enough push xD



Facebook: /jharasym

Email: dijit<at>

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