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I am a Free Software advocate and Fellow of FSFE from Thessaloniki, Greece. I am also member of Association of Greek Users and Friends of Free Software (GNU Greece), a NGO/NPO about promoting Free Software and GNU/Linux in Greece. I have journalist-type experience, on covering various news through my blog Free Software & Digital Rights Noosphere and the web radio show "Voice of the Penguin" at, that I air with digital rights activist and very good friend, Asteris Masouras.

In 2010 I did my best through the associate organisation GNU Greece in order to promote Free Software, FSFE and the co-operation between the two organisations on common action for the deepening of Free Software by Greek citizens. I will try to continue to do this in 2011. I have some thoughts in my mind which you will be able to read on my FSFE blog during election time together with a post about the work of GNU Greece in Education in Greece.

You can read a 2010 summary of GNU Greece actions for the deepening of Free Software in Greece.

You can read some more information for my general personal work on Free Software you can find at my website.

Unfortunately many duties didn't let me travel to Central Europe to meet more people in Germany where most people involved in FSFE are located. But, I made a contact with the good fellow Carlo Piana, in Milan, Italy. We opened a channel of communication between the two countries (Italy & Greece) and he answered some questions on Free Software licenses that I had unresolved for years. I have to tell you also that Carlo also knows to choose a good restaurant for his visitors.

It would be my pleasure if I could manage to join the next General Assembly in flesh in order to get to know Karsten, Matthias and other Fellows and exchange opinions and information about Free Software in my country. I hope I'll do.

March 1st, 2010 update: My congratulations to Hugo Roy for his election at the FSFE GA! Thank also all the people that voted for me.


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