Hi, I'm Hugo and I'm running for the 2011 fellowship election!

My goals as fellowship representative are:

I have become acquainted with Free Software and the GNU Philosophy around 2006. I realised then how information technology is crucial to our lives and that code, software, was one of the most important piece of that puzzle. Thanks to Free Software, everyone has the freedom to help shape the future of technology, to make it democratic, against tyrannic control.

While I am not a programmer (I went to Sciences Po, a political science university in Paris) I thought there were other ways to help the Free Software movement. In 2009, I joined the FSFE to assist Karsten Gerloff, the newly elected president. My work was mainly focused on policy analysis at the European Union and at the United Nations' WIPO. I also took an active role within the Legal team (the FTF) and the Webmasters.

In this community, I found a lot of dedicated people, with whom I shared great discussions (even the Translation mailing-list isn't boring!) Also, what's powerful with the fellowship is how we can manage to do great things: the DocumentFreedomDay, the Valentine's Day campaign, and of course, the PDFreaders actions!

As fellowship representative, I hope I will help this community grow, so that our actions can continue help the Free Software movement.

Specific plans for the 2 years term


I will be at FOSDEM and I would be glad to have a chat with fellows for any question :)

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