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Jan has been working in the Internet industry since 2006. Starting in technical support, he spent time as the technical lead for the Customer Services group of an encryption focused ISP before making the move into system administration. In his role as System and Database Administrator, Jan was responsible for administration of the corporate mySQL servers, as well as maintenance and development of a secure web- and database-hosting platform.

This role was followed by a brief departure from the online business, with an 18 month tour of duty at a finnish communications device manufacturer. During this time, Jan introduced a number of improvements to the company's IT operations, including service monitoring, centralised backups, automated server installation, and upgrades to Solaris 8. In addition to all this, he worked on the development of systems and policies to support a branch office in Dallas, TX, and the integration of network operations with other offices across the globe.

After leaving the finance sector in mid-2003, Jan spent several months contracting on system development projects before moving to London and joining Venda in June 2011.


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