Fellowship Vienna : Free Your Android Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to prepare a wider group in the Austrian Fellowship to help in Free Your Android workshops. So, we will get our non free phones together and install Cyanogenmod on our phones.

With Android we really have the chance to bring as much freedom as possible to phone users, because in the end, Smartphones are still nothing else than multi purpose computers.

Furthermore this is also some sort of social event, somehow reminds of the GNU/Linux install parties at the end of the 90ies and at the beginning of this decade.



What: Free our Android phones!


In a nutshell, what is there to prepare.

Optionally (Will do it on site if not)

Be aware

It is possible that you will brick your phone, which means it is not useable anymore and as worst case, not even bootable.

Furthermore, it could void your guarantee (not the warranty by the seller). With the little knowledge we now have, even getting warranty with a modified bootloader is possible to get problematic, because the nobody seems to be aware of European law.


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