FSFE Potteries / Meeting on 14/2/2023: I Love Free Software Day 2023

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Well this was our first ever I Love Free Software Day, which is celebrated in various countries in Europe and supported by FSFE. The point being to give thanks for the free software that we use every day, or perhaps just got us out of a jam one time and is very useful!

From the previous meeting we had eventually got some of the machines booting Trisquel GNU/Linux at a decent display resolution (unfortunately without any 3D acceleration) and tried out a few of the usual applications and games too.

We're really thankful to FSFE for helping to foot the bill for the pizza and soft drinks!

It must be noted though that we did get a lot of people who would normally come to such a meeting, deciding that they just couldn't square it with their partners! Which is understandable given it's Valentines Day! It's quite possible that in other European countries the day isn't quite as highly regarded... but in the UK running an event like this to compete with it... just isn't going to work very well!

This was mostly a social, which we don't normally do any meeting notes for... but since we took photos... it's best they go here!

Note: Not everyone wanted to be in photos, so there are only a few people shown.


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