FSFE Potteries / Meeting on 16/2/2021: Free Software friendly conferences in the UK

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This page has some brief notes and imagery surrounding a past meeting, you likely got here by clicking a link shown on a past calendar event.

This meeting was again online as it seems COVID-19 will unfortunately be sticking with us a while longer. As a result many of were going stir crazy and wanted to talk about all the places they could go once they could get out of their houses!

Of particular conversation was how some of us went to OggCamp in 2019, which was their 10 year anniversary. It was also where we met some people from FSFE, and they gave us the initial idea for starting FSFE Potteries. Unfortunately OggCamp didn't take place in 2020 and it doesn't look very promising that it will take place in 2021 either.

We did a bit of a screen share and tried to use DuckDuckGo to find other conferences and unconferences similar to OggCamp that we could go to, which didn't feel like they were miles away (e.g. Scotland or London!). Unfortunately there isn't a lot of choice and we kept ending back up at information about OggCamp.

Some notable things to keep an eye on though were OpenUK... and additionally (although this was cancelled, again due to COVID-19) it would seem the British Computer Society holds a British HCI Conference here in Keele every year or so. The other idea that people had was Stoke Con Trent which the local hackspace has been known to have a stand at in the past.

We did decide however that when normal "in person" meetings do start... we'd like to try to incorporate "lightning talks" that some of us had seen done at OggCamp.

That's all for now, stay tuned for more meetings to come! Hopefully they won't stay as online only forever!

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