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This page is about a currently inactive FSFE group. This means that there were no FSFE-specific meetings within the last 6 months (although the monthly meeting and IRC channel are still active), and there are no currently planned future activities. If you want to restart this group, please contact <fellowship AT lists DOT fsfe DOT org>.

Helsingin ja lähialueiden porukkaa. People from Helsinki and the metropolitan area in general.

Tapaamiset / Meetings

Free Thursday on tapaaminen, jossa pyörii FSFE:n jäseniä ja muita vapaista ohjelmistoista kiinnostuneita:

Free Thursday is a meeting with (some) FSFE members and other free software enthusiasts. It has originated mainly in the Debian community and spread out from there.

Other events: http://coss.fi/kalenteri/

Yhteydenpito / Communication

Materiaalia / Material in Finnish

Projekteja / Projects

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