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Technology's role in our day to day life has grown so much it's virtually inescapable. In this landscape, being digitally free is essential- whether this comes in the form of having a choice over what software you use or control over who can read what you type on your laptop or computer.

We are a group of digital freedom advocates working to promote software which respects the user's right to use, study, distibute and modify it, and believe technology should be accessible to everyone. Feel free (!) to come along to any of our events or contact me if you want to get involved- we're friendly and enthusiastic, like sharing news and ideas and can help if you want to look at what free software is available that you could use.

Coordinator: Ana Custura

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We are now having monthly meetings for "Cryptonoise". At these meetings we explore free cryptographic software that can be used to preserve your right to privacy and anonymity online.

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