Meeting places

Finding a good meeting place can be time consuming, so we'll try to note here whenever we know of a place that's reasonable.

On this page:

city: Vienna, Austria

city: Brussels, Belgium

city: Berlin, Germany

city: Bonn, Germany

city: Cologne, Germany

city: Düsseldorf, Germany

city: Stuttgart, Germany

city: Dublin, Ireland

It's good because it's reasonably quiet. Or The Long Stone.

city: Nijmegen, Netherlands


NOTE: The "ping" field is only for cities where you are an expert on that city. You should probably only be listed for pinging about one or two cities - three at the most. The "ping" field is not for staying informed about all events which are in your language area or which are reachable by train.

NOTE #3: Consider using to show where venues are. There is a "permalink" link in the bottom right hand corner of the map, or to make an image, use the "export" button.

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