This page is meant to inform new Fellows and those who are interested in becoming one how the procedure will look like. If you need general info about the Fellowship of the FSFE itself, please see the main page of the Fellowship. So, if you are not a Fellow yet, join the Fellowship! :)


Once you are registered, you will receive payment information. Currently you can pay via bank transfer, Paypal and cash at events.

Communicate with us

On our community page we have a lot of public mailing lists to discuss various Free Software issues in different languages. On the communicate page you will also find information about microblogging. Beside that we have some mailing lists which are only for Fellows. Join our mailing lists and discuss with us.


Use your Jabber account and join us in the multi user chat rooms.

Start a blog and promote it

We have a wordpress installation for our Fellows. You can start using it on<login>.

For more information, see our documentation for blogs and aggregation.

Join a Fellowship meeting

Discussions on mailing lists, jabber, etc. are good for a lot of things. But it is even more fun to meet other like-minded people in real meetings. Check out our exisiting Fellowship groups, participate in their meetings, or contact us to start new meetings in your city. We will support you to start those meetings.

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