FSFE European Summit

Imagine a European Union that builds its IT infrastructure on Free Software. Imagine European Member States that exchange information in Open Standards and share their software. Imagine municipalities and city councils that benefit from decentralized and collaborative software under free licenses. Imagine no European is any longer forced to use non-Free Software.

This is what we are seeking. And although this vision feels like a long road to go, we know that we are taking major steps along it today. To help unlock our full potential on this road, FSFE offers cross-border collaboration and its first European summit. Be part of it and join our movement.

Call for Participation

FSFE Summit logo In 2016 the FSFE is celebrating 15 years of its existence and will celebrate this with its first ever European summit. This is the call for your participation in a unique environment where several vibrant Free Software communities will meet and share a weekend of knowledge sharing with a great participatory spirit.

The FSFE summit will take place from September 2 – 4, 2016, in the Berlin Congress Center. We aim at gathering Free Software enthusiasts and the FSFE community from all over Europe to exchange insights and outsides, to build new friendships and to find allies. It's time to connect and collaborate. We invite you to come together to use, study, share and improve your skills and knowledge; come network with Free Software and beyond.

Most important facts

BCC location

We offer

A full weekend for and with the European Free Software community with Talks, Workshops, Lightning talks, FSFE meetings and much more ... (More details will follow in time)

Friday, September 2nd

On Friday, we are happy to offer what many people keep asking for: a full conference day with high quality talks and insights about “Successful business with Free Software”. A day for companies, politicians, developers, entrepreneurs and anyone else interested in business aspects of Free Software. While we teach and learn, we also try to bring closer clients and suppliers. In addition we expect a lot of attendees from our accompanying communities at the Qtcon.

Saturday / Sunday, September 3 – 4

Help enlighten Europe

Two full conference days dedicated to the FSFE, the European Free Software community, to Free Software and Free Society. We will have a diverse range of talks and workshops - technical and non-technical. You can have face-to-face meetings with the FSFE, get insights in our working groups, build new ones or listen the topics we all care about. These are the days to network across Europe, to get updated on political and societal progresses concerning our road to Freedom and to get inspired. If you have a Free Software related topic you like to talk about, a project you like to present or a network you like to build, these are the days to be filled by you.

We are looking for

In short: Talks, Workshops, Lightning talks, FSFE group meetings, moderators, volunteers, participants, Poster sessions, key signing party [...] we are definitely open for your input. Feel free to propose what you feel good at and that you think will also be in interest for other attendees. Inspire us and we make it happen!

As an input, these are some of the topics/content we and our community is interested in:


For Friday

For Saturday/Sunday

Proposal guidelines

Please provide the following information to your submission in a mail to latest by May 29, 23:59:59 CEST:

 * Title - the title of your session/presentation
 * Abstract - a brief summary of your presentation
 * Description - information about your topic and its potential benefits for the audience
 * A short bio - including anything that qualifies you to speak on your subject
 * Tags - add appropriate tags to your proposal to help the committee sort through the categories of proposals

The selection will be done by a committee and for that we are looking for volunteers. If you are interested in helping, read the next section.


fsfe-summit-2016-volunteer-250px.jpg A big event needs a lot of help. We are searching for volunteers who would help us to make this event a good experience for themselves and everyone participating. Although there will follow a separate call for volunteers, we would be happy if you already could let us know if you decide to volunteer. We need volunteers for the doors, for moderation, for setting up and dismantling, as contact persons and for so much more ... we do our best to find something that fits your interests and skills.

Right now we look for volunteers to participate in the committee. This is your chance to be part of the committee that chooses among all submissions of this call for participation and therewith directly influence the agenda of the first FSFE summit. To apply, please write to and start your subject with "[volunteer]". Please state that you like to be part of the committee, your mother tongue and a brief summary of your professional background and your connection to Free Software.

Contact & Communication

FSFE contact

Send all your inquiries and proposals only to at the latest by May 29, 23:59:59 CEST and please start your subject with the tag “[CfP]”

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