This is an editable survey to get an idea what our community is in need of when it thinks about the FSFE summit. You can answer one or more questions, long or short text. Please use one bullet point for each argument and put your (Fellowship-)name in brackets, so we can come back on you for further questions.


The FSFE summit will be the first summit by the FSFE that is organised by and for the community. It will be in the same year as FSFE's 15th birthday. It will happen in the Berlin Congress Center on September 2 - 4. We will offer 100+ tickets for sure. Tickets shall be for no cost or a minimum charge.


On Friday we are thinking about running a business-orientated smaller event during the day. We think about talks of successful Free Software implementations, about business practice, deployments etc. Would this be in interest of you? If so, what topic would be most interesting for you?

Would you prefer to hear talks or to visit workshops?

What would be the main cause you are coming to the ECM? Social contact, expert talks, hands-on sessions, building of networks and teams inside FSFE or anything else?

Would you be interested to hear a panel of other Free Software related initiatives than FSFE to see what we can achieve together?

Would you be interested in trainings, like succesful campaigning, PR, policy advisory?

What is the main topic you are interested in?

Would you be interested in licensing, compliance, legal questions?

Would you be interested in technical talks?

Would you be interested in a questions&answers panel with FSFE's GA or other internal sessions?

Would you be interested in ... (leave your own point here) ?

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