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Robots Workshop

2011-05-22 10:00
2011-05-22 17:00

Robots Workshop

FSFE's Office, Linienstraße 141, 10115 Berlin
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Get to know freedroidz and the FS robots!

The Robots Workshop

On Sunday, May the 22nd, FSFE offers a robots workshop in its Berlin office, Linienstraße 141, 10115 Berlin.

Flashed with Free Software, these robots can be programmed very easily to explore the room, follow a black line on the ground, avoid obstacles… The aim being that the participants can then offer such a nice workshop in schools.

See also the freedroidz website maintained by people at tarent, who initiated and co-organises the event.

List of participants

People willing to participate are welcome to register by adding their names here. Alternatively, you can write to nicoulas<at>fsfe<dot>org.

It's better if you can bring a laptop with you, since we might have limited resources in this regard. The programming environment is a kubuntu-based eclipse-oriented distribution made for the purpose, which boots from USB (stick provided). Bluetooth is the best way to send orders to the robots, but if your laptop does not have bluetooth you'll be able to send instructions via a USB cable.


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