Events/Fellowship Meeting Linz 2013-10-04

Fellowship Meeting Linz

2013-10-04 18:30
2013-10-04 20:30

Fellowship Meeting Linz

Hackerspace Developer Lab of Linz, Hofgasse 19, 4020 Linz, Austria
First Meeting of the newly-found FSFE Fellowship Group Linz

This was the first meeting of the FSFE Fellowship Group Linz. The coordinators Mario and Simon held a short presentation on the FSFE and the Fellowship and introduced themselves.

After that, everyone of the 14 participants introduced himself and talked shortly about his background in Free Software and his hopes for and expectations of the Fellowship Group Linz.

The meeting was concluded with a small, somewhat festive presenting of gifts from the Austrian Fellowship Coordinator pb.

An inofficial blogpost (in german) can be found in the FSFE Blog of jzarl. It was later declared the "official blog posts" by the coordinators Mario and Simon.


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