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LinuxWorks @ E-Lok Jugendclub, Laskerstrasse 6-8; S+U Ostkreuz

Boost Fellowship Meetings this winter

The Idea of this meeting is to boost our local Fellowship meetings during this winter. Therefore there are several ideas of how to improve our Fellowship meetings, that we would like to discuss with all Fellows that come.

The idea is to meet every second time at IN-Berlin and to meet the other times at various places of (preferably) like-minded organisations. This will help us to get in contact with other people interested in Software Freedom and to build up collaborations.

Talks are crucial to attract people. The idea is to not just have an official FSFE-related Agenda but to host a talk at the beginning of the meeting and afterwards discuss this topic and open the discussion into a social meeting

Making Friends
Many of our Fellows are active in other organisations besides FSFE. In addition there are a lot of organisations out there where there is no Fellow active but that work for some (even if specific) common goals. The Fellowship would benefit a lot in cooperation with other groups as they get to know FSFE and our work.
how can this be achieved?

More publicity for our meetings
How can we improve the publicity of our meetings?

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