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Chemnitzer Linuxtage


Chemnitzer Linuxtage is an event in Chemnitz with lectures, workshops and more. Normal tickets are 10€.


The booth after having been set up on Friday

Since many years the FSFE has been present with a booth at the Chemnitzer Linuxtage, the meanwhile largest event dedicated to Free Software in Germany. Of course, 2018 didn't make a difference! Behind the booth, visitors were able to meet both long-term FSFE folks and rather new volunteers, and this mixture made it even more exciting to be part of the booth team.


While Björn, Germany Coordinator, and Max, Program Manager, took care of the logistics, they have been greatly supported by André K., Christian B., Dominic H., Frank L. and Simon P. Together, they informed countless of people about Free Software and the FSFE's work, answered questions ranging from how to install Free Software apps on mobile phones through to special licencing edge cases.

Merchandise and Promo

Of course, we also offered a broad selection of information material and merchandise to the visitors. We started with 3 large packages – which wouldn't have arrived at the venue without the repeated help by c.a.p.e. IT – and left with only one small package. We were out of various sizes and designs on Sunday morning and unfortunately had to refer many interested people to the FSFE's online shop.


Of course, the FSFE always strives to present current activities and general thoughts about Free Software at conferences. This year, Björn Schießle had a talk about "Free Software in the era of cloud" in which he shares some thoughts about the meaning of Free Software and the four freedoms in "cloud computing". Max Mehl gave a lightning talk about the Public Money? Public Code! campaign in which he explained the topic to the audience and motivated people to get active in their municipalities, companies, counties, administrations, and organisations.

Special activities

Experiencing Chemnitzer Linuxtage as a volunteer is always a bliss. Not only can they benefit from a free catering and chillout area from breakfast to a late lunch, there is also a fabulous sponsored dinner on Saturday evening for every speaker and all registered booth helpers (max. 4). This year, the dinner was even better than the past years as it has been organised a bit differently and therefore the delighted guests almost never had to wait in front of the buffet stations.


On Sunday, many items were already out of stock

Chemnitzer Linuxtage again were a great experience for all people involved, especially with the many volunteers who joined us behind the booth. We can only recommend this event to everyone interested in Free Software in Germany, and look forward to next year!


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