Event Coordination Meeting: July 2016

2016-07-19 20:30
Location room #fellowship
A meeting to plan and coordinate events which the FSFE and its Fellows participate in


The FSFE and its Fellows participate in a number of events throughout the year, everything from FOSDEM to Veganmania. While each event is planned separately, there are a number of things in common: they often depend on volunteer contributions, resources from our office (flyers, sometimes merchandise), and there's sometimes a specific budget for reimbursing costs for participating. But most importantly: we all try to make each event as useful for the FSFE as possible.

The Event Coordination Meeting (which clashes horrible in its acronym with the European Coordinators Meeting, so alternatives welcome) is intended to be the forum where we can discuss upcoming events and make plans for them. The group of event coordinators will have some responsibility for jointly deciding on the events where the FSFE participate, the format of our participation, and the resources we allocate to each event. The specifics of how we work with this will be determined over time, and any procedural proposals are most welcome.

If you're interested in participating, please sign your name below!


  1. Introduction to the meeting [by jonas, informational]
  2. Review of and regarding upcoming events

  3. Suggestions for events the FSFE should participate in in the next 12 months (see and and others for inspiration)

  4. Other questions


  1. jonas
  2. you?


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