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Linux Vacation / Eastern Europe


Linux Vacation / Eastern Europe

The «Galaktika» sport camp, in the forest on the bank of Isloch river, 40 km from Minsk
The international conference of FOSS developers and users

Winter session of the international conference of FOSS developers and users, the Linux Vacation / Eastern Europe, will be held on February 14-16, 2014. The event combines both communication and rest of the enthusiasts of free software, including GNU/Linux platform, but not limited to it.

LVEE Winter 2014 is organized by Minsk Linux Users Group with support of the free software community active members from cities of Belarus. Recommended Conference languages are Russian, Belarusian and English.

February, 8 is a deadline for both participation request and abstracts submission.

Conference format mainly includes oral presentations, lightning talks, while round table discussions, and code-sprints are also possible. Speakers will be provided with a conference hall with all necessary equipment.

A cascade publication is provided for presentation materials of LVEE Winter 2014. It includes placing abstracts in public access before the conference with following additions of multimedia materials (slides and video of presentations), as far as later publishing in printed book of LVEE (summer, 2014).

Presentations subjects include development and maintenance of free software, adoption and administrating of FOSS-based solutions, making business based on open technologies, peculiarities of free licenses usage. The Conference covers a wide range of platforms – from workstations and servers to embedded systems and mobile devices.

Authors of presentations, sponsors representatives and press are free from paying the organization fee.


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