A "sprint" is an event where people come together to work intensely on a particular project. FSFE's Web Sprint 2012 will focus on improving FSFE's web sites and services for one weekend in Manchester, with several meals and social events in which to relax and / or share ideas, and generally get immersed in Free Software.

Features will be added, websites will be beautified, bugs will be fixed, snacks will be eaten and subjects will be debated. Fun shall also most definitely be had.

The last FSFE Web Sprint took place in Berlin, and resulted in the launch of a site-wide design for This year we have different priorities.

Why come?

What you need

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Please join in from wherever you are using the following communication systems:



Welcome Social Event: 19.30, will take place in Manchester's hackerspace, MadLab. Food, drink, music, and chat with members of Manchester's busy tech and Free Software communities, and Web Sprint attendees will take place. Locally brewed Marble Beer will be available on premises.


Hacking: At 11.00, we'll introduce the main tasks we want to work on, and see which of these people want to take on.

At 11.30 there'll be a little workshop on how to set up your local machine to hack on the website. Afterwards we'll explain a bit of XSLT magic and how we use it on for different purposes: shared content, translation, etc.

Lunch: will be at Yaba Caribbean restaurant, at 13.15, in Hulme. It's local, good value, and has an unusual menu.

Evening: Dinner at the Horse and Jockey in Chorlton at 20.15.


Hacking: Schedule coming soon...

Lunch: 13.15, will be at Kim By the Sea restaurant, next to OpenSpace. Highly recommended.



Often you can get cheaper flights and more suitable times / days by comparing the flights from these three.


Local Transport



Private homes

To book accommodation in the private homes below please contact Sam, your host (details below).



Sam Tuke will be your host in the city. He lives in Chorlton, which is south Manchester.


Last Fellows Standing - sunday evening downtime Last Fellows Standing - sunday evening downtime (2)


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