Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit (FSCONS)

The Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit
Göteborg, Sweden

The Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit (FSCONS) is a meeting place for social change, focused on the future of free software and free society. The growing speed of new and innovative changes taking place within digital culture, as well as the pressing need for members of a marginalized society to gain access to important, updated information without financial or governmental barriers, the 2009 FSCONS will deal with an array of hot topics.

This year, Free Software Foundation Europe will participate, together with FSFE Fellows with some extra events. Here is the (pre)schedule of FSFE related workshops, tracks, presentations and other activities:

Friday 13, 19:00 - GNUHackers Social event Get-together meeting and registration of participants and speakers who arrive during Friday. Takes place in the conference venue. Co-organised with the GNU Hackers Meeting (19:00);

Saturday 14 - Schedule




09.00 - 10.30

Vin Cerf

(FSFE Track) OpenPGP card workshop - Martin Gollowitzer

10.45- 11.15

Vin Cerf

(FSFE Track) PDFReaders - HannesHauswedell

11.30- 12.15

Vin Cerf

(FSFE Track)Freedom Task Force - Adriaan de Groot

12.15 - 15:00


Lunch break

15.00 - 15.45 -

Torg 3

Free Software in Europe, Taking the Stock of the Public Sector - Karsten Gerloff

16.45 - 17.15


PDF Readers Workshop - Hannes Hauswedell and Matthias Kirschner



Social event Mingling with food and drinks, the Nordic Free Software Award ceremony and some Nordic bands playing on stage. Takes place at Berg 211, a rock shelter close to the city center. (19:00)

Sunday 15 - Schedule




11.00 - 11.45


Website planning (brainstorm session) - part1- Andreas Tolfsen and Matthias Kirschner

13.00 - 13.45


Website planning (brainstorm session) - part2- Andreas Tolfsen and Matthias Kirschner

15.45 - 16.45


Fellowship Infrastructure Workshop - Martin Gollowitzer and Alina Mierlus


to be announced

Social event (visiting local pubs)

Workshop and presentations abstract

PDFReaders: is a campaign launched by the Free Software Foundation in late 2008. It originated in Berlin's fellowship group and has attracted wider attention, including news coverage in major (German) online media and even some print-media. We will talk about interesting details of the PDFReaders-Campaign and also speak about campaign work for Software Freedom in general.


The Freedom Task Force is the FSFE's legal department. Why should a fellow be concerned about legal stuff? Well, maybe you don't need to be concerned, but there are some things you should know. This talk will illustrate best practices for Free Software projects around legal and licensing issues and show what the FTF and FSFE can do for you.

Open PGP:

This workshop is all about the best-known Fellowship feature: the Fellowship cryptocard. It will show how to basically set up GnuPG for use with an OpenPGP smartcard. These smartcards provide many cool features: Not only will you be able to carry your GnuPG secret with you without having to store it on an unsecure device like a USB stick, but you can also use it for authentication via SSH or on your local desktop. Of course this workshop is not only for FSFE's Fellows, but for everyone who is interested in data security. If you have any questions on how to use an OpenPGP smartcard, please participate!

Infrastructure Workshop

Martin Gollowitzer, Alina Mierlus The workshop is about how to use the Fellow Infrastructure: blog, wiki, SVN. It is meant to help participants in order to get used with the Infrastructure. The workshop will be more practical.

Web Workshop

Andreas Tolfsten, Matthias Kirschner This workshop is all about planning the new web at the functionality level. All people who have feedback about our present webpage or ideas for future implementations are invited to attend.

Karsten Gerloff - Free Software in Europe: Taking Stock of the Public Sector

Free Software is conquering the public sector. Public bodies across Europe use Free Software in different ways. Some see it merely as a way of saving money. But many others are making good use of the strategic independence that Free Software provides. Some even use Free Software as a tool for regional development. This talk provides an overview of the different ways in which European public bodies and education authorities use Free Software to their own advantage, and to the advantage of their citizens.

Any suggestions regarding workshop's content are welcomed. Please note that this schedule may have minnor changes during the next weeks. Also, check the FSCONS schedule for more information. We are looking forward to seeing you in Göteborg!


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