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EuroPython 2009

Author: pboddie

EuroPython is the conference for the communities around Python, including the Django, Zope and Plone communities. This year's conference will be held in Birmingham, UK from Monday 29th June to Saturday 4th July 2009.

Talks & ThemesDo you have something you wish to present at EuroPython? Go to <a href=""></a> for this year's themes and submissions criteria; the deadline is on 5th April 2009.Other Talks, Activities and EventsHave you got something which does not fit the above? Visit <a href=""></a>.Help Us OutWe could use a hand: any contribution is welcome, please take a look at <a href=""></a>.SponsorsAn unique opportunity to affiliate with the prestigious EuroPython conference!<a href=""></a>Spread the WordImprove our publicity by distributing this announcement in your corner of the community, please coordinate this with the organizers: <a href=""></a>General InformationFor more information about the conference, please visit <a href=""></a>Looking forward to see you!The EuroPython Team


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