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FrOSCon specific issues:

Customer's needs:

A lot of people asked for "new" paraphernalia. They already bought what we offer so far and are interested in new T-shirts etc. Is there something on the road? Some models are almost sold out and are no longer available in all sizes (e.g. grey hoodies), thus we had to send some visitors away without selling anything.

Getting more attention:

It's hard to attract attention with leaflets, T-shirts and stickers when you are next to a booth with moving mini robots remote controlled by the gestures of an OpenMoko Freerunner, while their camera's output is shown on a large screen. Nevertheless, I think we could have done better. I had the feeling that many people were just passing by without noticing our booth at all.

On the screen of our terminal, we showed the FSFE homepage, which was fine and often useful, but the debian booth inspired me to something else. Debian could attract a good deal of attention with video clips that didn't have anything to do with debian. I don't want to suggest that we show something that has nothing to do with FSFE, but something that is more eye catching than a static page. Something that attracts attention. Something that makes visitors stop and watch, while we have the chance to address the person.

How about a slide show with (maybe funny) Free Software related pictures or a presentation? Once we got into a conversation, we can always stop the presentation and show our page or whatever.


I found it quite awkward to ask people where they live to determine which of the three different Fellowship leaflets I can hand to them. Besides the circumstance that we already have to manage quite a few different leaflets in various languages.

Speaking of vearious leaflets: I welcome the language code on some of the newer versions. This helps a lot! I also recommend a kind of version control like the date or a version number. It would ease the process of sorting out outdated or fixed sheets. This would be especially helpful when the changes are minor, but important.

Other things to improve:

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