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eLiberatica second edition

Author: mk

The second eLiberatica takes place on 30 and 31 May 2008 in the World Trade Center Bucharest, Romania.

Following the huge public success the first edition of eLiberatica gained in 2007, the second edition will continue in the same tradition: to gather community and business leaders around the world to talk about the hottest Open and Free Technologies topics.

eLiberatica has its unique spirit and identity; you will learn and discover new things, meet international IT personalities, business people, high-tech professionals, you will make new friends, new partners, celebrate and truly enjoy a live event.

eLiberatica 2008 is intended to focus on:

Government, administration and public schools - the importance of Open and Free Technologies; Professional growth participating in the Free Software community Break the code - tips and tricks, things you will not find in IT books.


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