Videos from FSCONS 2007

FSCONS 2007 Website

Alexandre Buisse Anarchy and Free Software

Anders Karlsson MySQL clustering and optimisation:

Anders Kringstad Skolelinux:

Anne Østergaard Decision Making:

Cristian Bogdan and Manuel Gay Makumba:

Daniel Stenberg curl and libcurl:

Erik Josefsson Digital Rights for Consumers:

Fernanda Weiden Free Software With a Female Touch:

Georg Greve Freedom at Stake:

Henrik Nordström Squid:

Inge Wallin KDE4:

Jan Hedström Virtualisation With XEN:

Jeremiah Foster Canonical Web Development With Perl:

Jonas Öberg Introduction to FSCONS:

Jonas Öberg SELF:

Knut Yrvin Free Software in Telecom With Focus on Qtopia:

Lars Albertsson Google - Technology and Free Software:

Lara Creighton PyPy - Generating Virtual Machines for Dynamic Languages:

Mathias Klang Digital Rights:

Mats Östling FLOSS in the Public Sector:

Monika Orski Frequently Asked Questions:

Ole Tange OpenMoko:

Pierre Ossman OLPC:

Martyn Russell and Carlos Garnacho How to Write GTK Applications:

Shane Coughlan Free Software Licensing:

Simon Josefsson GnuTLS:

Simon Josefsson OpenID:

Sven Guckes Free Software Events in Europe:

Thomas Hansen Gaia Ajax Widgets:

Øyvind Kolås GEGL:


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