FSFE announces Fellowship Raffle 2007 at FOSDEM meeting in Brussels, Belgium. It's time to give back to Fellows!

Free Software Foundation Europe works thanks to cooperation of many different parties, including the companies that make use of Free Software. There are many ways to support FSFE's work, and they are all important, but the Fellowship is special: It is a community of people who take responsibility to contribute on a yearly basis to keep the foundation running and many of them are active in the Fellowship meetings and other activities.

Companies support FSFE to show that they appreciate our work, and in turn we like to show that we appreciate our Fellows. This year we're delighted to do that through sharing gadgets that were provided by companies who support Free Software

Welcome to the 2007 Fellowship Raffle!

On 1st of April 2007, FSFE will raffle the following devices and books among all its Fellows:

So, now lets the raffle begin: spread the word, use this web banners on your site, tell your friends. Good luck.




Fellow alge won the Linsoft BTP-PC. The 4 USB smart card readers SCR-335 went to Fellows larstobi, adolf_winterer, dany, malcolmtyrrell. Fellows ar and colm won the two Omnikey PCMCIA smart card readers.

Richard Stallman's book "Free Software, Free Society" was won by the following Fellows: maddog, wernerdittmann, war, james, calia, fabulus, naarani, albert, cortsenc, giorgiga, antoszka, tiago, ripsmarty, david, victorsanchez2.

The 30 books in German have been won by the following German speaking Fellows: tschugg, romal, pirmin, benni, jlueters, seb, matthiasbrueckner, mst, fox, pgr, ralfs, rabinath, mg, ra_boecker, rindenmulch, cwafkk, weo, ayers, xpatrick, belahausmann, matthias, poisoned_ivy, myriam, Chain, arne, kasper.michael, stesie, jeans, andog, tim-stegmann.

Congratulations to all winners! Please send us pictures of you with your prizes and we will publish them here.


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