2007-11-05 18:00:00
2007-11-05 21:00

Invitation to the 2nd Swiss FOSS compatible lobbyists meeting in Berne

Author: tonnerre

On November 5th, 18:00, a meeting of lobbyists with interest in Free Software is going to take place in Berne, Switzerland. Anyone who is interested in political action is invited to join us.

Agenda SalutationReview of the situation since the first meetingAnalysis of failed projectsIntroduction of working groups and creating member lists (see next

Proposed woking groups

Currently debated items Office OpenXML standardizationCopyright Revision (cleanup work)Federal Surveillance (trojan etc.) Generic Working Groups Open StandardsAmendmentsLobbyingIntelligencePressIT (Yes, there are lots of things to do in this area too)


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