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2007-07-06 01:00

GNU GPLv3 Release Party in Berlin

Author: mk

We will take the release of the GNU GPLv3 release as a reason for a sit-together until the 6. July to celebrate two years of a Free Europe.

The GNU GPLv3 was released last week and on Friday it is two years sinse the European Commission rejected the software patents directive after years of hard work from the community.

So we will meet on Thursday 5. July at 20:00 at the Kulturfabrik Moabit, Berlin to celebrate into 2 years of a Free Europe.

Kulturfabrik Lehrter Str. 35 10557 Berlin

BVG-Connections: - U/S-Bahn Westhafen & die Quitzowstrasse zu Fuss. - Bahn Lehrter Bahnhof + Bus 123, drei Stationen bis Kruppstr. - U9 Turmstraße + Bus M27 bis Quitzowstr. o. Bus 123 bis Kruppstraße - U6 Reinickendorfer Straße + Bus M27 bis Quitzowstraße


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