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First International Annual Meeting of the Fellows of FSFE

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The First International Annual Meeting of the Fellows of FSFE will be held in Bolzano (Italy), on Saturday, November 11.

During a jabber session with Fellow <a href="">Stephan Peijnik</a>, awhile back he brought up the idea of a multinational Fellows conference, which we FSFEers think is a great idea. (You can read his thoughts about it on <a href="">his blog</a>).

Following Stephan's idea, FSFE announces the First (of what we hope will be many) International Annual Meeting of the Fellows of FSFE.

The agenda of the meeting has been set by FSFE and by Fellows together.

Final agenda:

Morning: eZ Publish workshop, with eZ experts

13:00 - 14:00 Lunch break

Afternoon:Special announcement by FSFE

A report from FSFE Team about ongoing issues

Advancing the Advocacy project: improve the material, involve more Fellows and gather ideas for local actions

Dinner with all Fellows present and FSFE Team members

More info is available <a href="">here</a>.

A (incomplete) list of participants is available <a href="">here</a>: add yourself to the list if you are coming.

Information on how to reach Bolzano and special deals for accomodation and food are online on this <a href="">website</a>. The train station is Bolzano/Bozen (without other extensions).

Don't forget to look at the <a href=";width=627">interactive map</a> to get an idea of where to go for hotel/hostel and the conference venue once in Bolzano.


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