This is a draft privacy policy for the PMPC website.

Privacy Policy

Who we are

The web site is run by the FSFE e.V. For information about FSFE, see

When this policy refers to "we", this means FSFE.

What we collect and why

When you use the website to sign our open letter, we collect and store information about your name, e-mail address and country, which you have provided with your consent, and we will publicly show your name as a signatory to the open letter. We will also provide your name and country to the recipients of the open letter (members of the European Parliament and national or regional parliaments). We will not share your e-mail address. We store this information in a database for the duration of the Public Money - Public Code campaign and remove it afterwards.

If you have consented to being contacted about the campaign, we will use your e-mail address to send you information about the campaign during and immediately after the campaign.

Who has access to stored data

All information submitted through the website, whether stored on the webserver or in our issue system, is available to FSFE staff and interns. The information is also available to FSFE's system administrator team. Information is stored unencrypted on our servers, which means the information is also available to staff of PlusServer GmbH where our servers are hosted.

What your rights are

You have the right to receive the personal data we have stored about you, as well as the right to instruct us to rectify it if it's incorrect. You also have the right to object to our storing of information, in which case we will remove personal data about you, and the right to remove your consent to processing of your personal data in line with this policy, in which case we will also take steps to remove personal data about you.

Who to contact

If you have questions about our use of your data, would like to request a copy of all information we have stored about you, or would like to talk to our Data Protection Officer for any other purpose, our appointed Data Protection Officer is the FSFE's executive director, whom you can contact at

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