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NOTICE: This page is still under construction.

This page will serve for the time being as a repository for the actual Freedom of Information requests and the respective responses.

United Kingdom

In the UK, the file of a FOI request takes place in the following way: 1. Contact the concerned organisation by letter, email or fax. 2. You must include your your name, a contact address and a detailed description of the information you want - eg you might want all information held on a subject, or just a summary. You can ask for information in a particular format, eg. paper or electronic copies of information, audio format or large print. 3. You should get the information within 20 working days. The organisation will tell you when to expect the information if they need more time. 4. Most requests are free but you might be asked to pay a small amount for photocopies or postage. You’ll be told by the organisation if you have to pay anything.

In UK, there is also a possibility to file requests online.

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