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NOTICE: This page is still under construction.

This page will serve for the time being as a repository for the actual Freedom of Information requests and the respective responses. Thus please add at the bottom of the page a section titled as "Add here your FOI requests" . If there are already some sections in this wiki page in your language, please proofread and integrate them to the rest of the text.


You can make your request in writing to the FOI Unit of the body and your application should refer to the Freedom of Information Act. If your application for information does not mention the Act, then your application will be dealt with as an ordinary request for information. If information is required in a particular form (for example, photocopy or computer disk) this should be specified in the application.

Try to be as specific as possible. Where possible try to indicate the time period for which you wish to access records (for example, records created between May 2012 and December 2012).

Under the Act, a request for records must be acknowledged within 2 weeks and, in most cases, responded to within 4 weeks. If a third party is involved, there may be another 3 weeks before you receive a response. Fees may apply. is under active development (as of February 2017). It is a FOI request platform for the Irish government, just like the UK based site, which will make submitting requests trivial.

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